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Juan explains things so well, he is extremely well spoken and you can tell that he puts forth a great deal of effort to deliver such a premium product. He hits on topics that need clarification to many newer Masons, such as myself, and is appropriate for even non-Masons. Anyone can benefit from this and I am very pleased thus far with his podcasts…

Bro. Gerald E.

I am waiting to get my E.A. I love this show. I started listening a month ago, after I petitioned my local Lodge… I have learned so much about Masonry. I can’t thank Brother Juan enough for all his helpful insights.

M. Hambrecht

Brother, this is the Light we are all looking for. Sound quality is great and you always give actionable items for us to work on…

Kaivon Kiumarsi

This is among the best Masonic podcasts out there. There are three things that I really like about this podcast. The content, the music and the schedule…

Tim Dahlman


The Question is The Answer

The Question Is The Answer by Bro. Alex Madsen, New Brunswick, Canada Masons both new and long initiated will be asked of their fellow Brethren a few key questions over the course of their lives

TWS 036 Three Years Later First Episode Replay

Happy 3 Years Anniversary The Winding Stairs Turns 3 It seems unreal but three years ago today I began this journey up The Winding Stairs. I published my first episode on February 3rd, 2013. As

  • TWS Episode 34

TWS 035 Living Stones |A Conversation with Robert Herd (2/2)

Living Stones A conversation with Robert Herd On this episode of The Winding Stairs, we have a conversation with Brother Robert Herd, publisher of Living Stones Magazine. Bro. Herd discusses his early days in Freemasonry, the

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