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Illuminated Sources Book by Juan Sepulveda

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A Modern Man’s Guide to Masonic Light Resources

This report reveals over 50 Masonic Resources you can begin using Today to improve yourself in Freemasonry. We know that you will enjoy all the resources available in this guide. To instantly download your copy of this guide, simply enter your information below.

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What Brothers are saying about our book

“This makes the perfect resource book for either the newly Entered Apprentice or the Worshipful Master of a lodge…  I am sure that this resource will make a great addition to any Brother’s library. This is definitely a must for my lodge’s Masonic library.”

Alexander Towey P.M., Fallbrook Lodge No. 317, Fallbrook, CA
“Bravo! Brother Juan Sepulveda has in his book, “Masonic Light Resource Report”, put together what we needed for our candidates and newly raised brethren, a one-source guide for Masonic information.
In this day and age of so much information about Freemasonry on the internet, it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. For anyone seeking to join the fraternity or in knowing the truth about us, here is a great resource for that information… I highly recommend this book as a friend and guide for all interested in Freemasonry.”
Richard J. Ingham P.M., John W. Jenks Lodge No. 534, Punxsutawney, Pa.
“Great work… Without a doubt this book will be recommended to all brothers, new and seasoned in their journey who come through my lodge doors.”
Michael Williams, Unanimity Lodge No. 7, Edenton, NC
“I believe the book will assist the new initiate or potential candidate find answers to questions that they may be encountering without revealing any secrets or giving away any pleasant surprises they may have to come.”
Bryon C. Black, Columbia Lodge No. 58, Frederick, MD

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