Masonic Pillars Collection

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The Masonic Light Collection

“Freemasonry is a peculiar system of Morality, veiled in Allegory and illustrated by Symbols.”

Here is a collection that illustrates those symbols that will effectively remind you of the time-tested lessons contained in the allegorical teachings of Freemasonry. Each one of these artworks was created with the symbols of the First Three Degrees in Freemasonry.

Proudly display these three works of art side by side and unlock the full potential of the message contained within the symbols of the Masonic Degrees.


The Masonic Pillars Collection

The Masonic Pillars collection is a vibrant collection of scenes that represent the first three degrees in Freemasonry. The titles of the pieces are Strong Foundation, Steadfast Progression, and Sublime Ascension. I was commissioned to create a collection of paintings to be included in the permanent collection of Winter Park Lodge No. 239 in Winter Park Florida. The original paintings measure 5 feet by 7 feet and are replete with symbols pertaining to each one of the Masonic Degrees.

Months after adding these paintings to your collection, you will continue to discover allegorical elements that will remind you of the various lessons contained in our Order.

I hope you incorporate these paintings to your home or lodge and that they serve as inspiration as you continue your journey up The Winding Stairs.

Included in the collection:

Strong Foundation: Is a depiction of the laying of a foundation by Operative Masons.
Steadfast Progression: A contrasting view of King Solomon’s Temple and the tabernacle.
Sublime Ascension: Features many symbols from the sublime degree of Master Mason.

Add these pieces to your collection today and begin enjoying the many layers of meaning that are hidden in plain sight.


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