Memento Mori | Hand-Painted Past Master Apron




Memento Mori Past Master Apron

Genuine Lambskin Masonic Apron by Bro. Juan ‘One’ Sepúlveda.

“I feel fortunate that I get to combine my passions to create something unique for you.  I create an apron that could either be worn to Lodge or displayed as a work of art on your wall. I personally hand paint each design, so you are guaranteed to be wearing a One of a Kind work of art.”  -Juan Sepulveda

Next time you walk into Lodge, you could be wearing your own genuine lambskin apron, adorned with this great design.

Hand-painted Details The design on this apron is hand-painted by the artist, which makes this apron an original work of art. The Brothers in your Lodge will notice and be inspired by the quality of the artwork and the meaningful symbolism it holds.

Attention to Details: We take our Craft seriously and absolutely love to do things with a purpose in mind. That is why we have paid careful attention to the details that make this Genuine Lambskin Apron a unique work of art.  The borders of this apron are detailed with your choice of white, red, or blue trim (durable and colorfast polyester/cotton blend). -Please remember to choose your preferred trim color- To add to the elegant look and feel, the back of the flap and body of the apron are lined with white satin. In addition to looking good, this satin lining feels good too. The soft and cool feel of this fabric will not snag your dress pants, as other aprons can. Every Apron is Unique Considering that every apron is masterfully handcrafted and that the fine leather used is carefully selected for its quality, you will find subtle variations between one apron and another. These subtle differences add to the character of the apron and make it more unique to you. You will have a one of a kind, handmade, white leather apron, which you can display with great pride and honor.  Choose your style: Square or Rounded We are proud to present a beautiful design to match each taste. You can choose between these two options: The Square Design: Which has a rectangular body measuring 13″ x 15″ with a triangular flap. This design is our most popular and is widely accepted in North American lodges as the standard apron style.

The Composite Design (Rounded): Since Geometry is such an important Science to our Craft, even the radius of the curves on this apron were chosen with the symbolism of the numbers found within the lessons of Freemasonry.

This special cut includes elements from the traditional round Lambskin and the more contemporary square-cornered version. The Composite Design features rounded edges like more traditional styles (e.g. George Washington’s Masonic Apron). The combination of the angular flap and rounded corners provide a more ample surface upon which custom designs, including masonic symbols or commemorative designs, can be incorporated. -Please remember to choose your preferred apron body shape- You can have a custom design added to your Apron, which will make it that much more unique and special to you. Our artist, Juan Sepulveda, will periodically include additional designs to the Masonic Apron Collection, but feel free to contact us if you are interested in a specific design to be added to the customization of your Apron. After all, this is one of the most special items of Masonic Regalia that you will ever own, imagine it having an original work of art depicted on it.

Convenient Size The standard chord length is 90 inches long, which will accommodate most waist sizes. The ends of the chords are capped with a brushed nickel cone cap, which adds to its elegance and contemporary design. -Please remember to choose your preferred trim color-  When Can you expect to receive your New Apron? Please keep in mind that our aprons are custom made to fit your preference and may require a little more time than some of the other items we offer. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. We do every step of the process with your preferences in mind. We select the skin, fabricate the apron and create the custom design. Once the design is complete, we allow at least 48 hours for the inks and paints to cure thoroughly before we package it, to ensure the design is not damaged during transportation.

We are confident that you are going to love your new apron. Let us know your preferences and let’s get started on your custom apron today.

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