Product Description

This is a very special work of art. Like its preceding counterpart “Unlocking Knowlege”, It was created on a page of the book titled “A Library of Freemasonry Illustrated”. The book was in such poor condition but held such valuable information in it that I thought I could do something different to preserve it. I began a project in which I would read a page and begin sketching the ideas that were inspired by what I read. This page, in particular, spoke of the antiquities of Freemasonry and the efforts to unlock the wisdom contained therein. The array of symbols I chose for this piece have great personal significance for me and I hope they speak to you.

-Juan Sepulveda

Which symbols do you see? How does this work of art speak to your mind or heart?

The reaction you have to the rich symbolism contained in this artwork is an indication of the effectiveness of symbolism. I encourage you to make it a part of your daily life by ordering a copy of this exclusive piece. By incorporating it into your surroundings, you increase the chances of being reminded of the value of time and the fragility of life. Thereby motivating you to live a fruitful life, full of zeal and appreciation.

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Our Artist Prints are made using Museum-quality paper and vibrant pigments, which will ensure that you can enjoy this artwork for years to come without any concern for fading or discoloration.

Printed in the U.S.A. on archival grade acid-free matte paper.

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